Advisory Services

The advisory services will support the industries for smooth of their routine operation, growth of business, up gradation of company credential, in advance aware of bankruptcy and long term sustain of company.

Mistry and Mehta mainly focus in advisory services is for Financial monitoring. The Financial Monitoring is a mandatory advisory in business, we update routine accounting system methodologically, as per industries customize and develop accounting out-put, which will as well as life line statement of company  

Credit Rating Advisory
Rating Rational Report
Appraisal Report
Details Business Reports
TEV Study Reports
Market Reports
Financial Monitoring
Financial Report
Structured Financial

What we do for Advisory Services?

  • Rating Advisory – Detailed discussion with company, prepare company customize rating rational, approach rating agencies having more exposure for client product knowledge and obtained the company eligible rating grade.
  • Business Report – MM vast practical experience has given us a rare expertise of preparing high quality reports. Our reports are highly appreciated by national and international organizations, its clarity save assignment process time.
  • Financial Monitoring – We understand client company nature of its business, operating cycle, production and other operating costs, profitability, mismatch in production capacities, level of current assets & current liabilities, present credit facilities lending terms and financial data of company Monthly or quarterly, at outset data insert in MM has developed financial module, and prepare financial monitoring report with our comments and suggestion.
  • Structured Finance – We thoroughly analyze company financials, capital structure, cash flows, fund & non fund based credit availed, short & long term business plans, business operation cycle etc. to devise and deliver highly customized finance solution. It results in multiple benefits to the clients.

Benefits Of Customer

  • Rating Advisory – Company eligible rating support to growth of company, no of option open for raising fund and benefit in lender terms
  • Business Report – Our report helps companies in taking informed decisions, identifying financial structure, identifying lenders, improving credit strengths, developing highly appropriate strategies, gaining competitive edge, awareness of risks.
  • Structured Finance We devise and deliver highly to customized finance solution ensure that growth objectives are met; our solution assists in stabilizing cash flows, improving business liquidity & eliminating financial constraints for timely repayment of debt & creditors.
  • Financial Monitoring
    • Customize solution as per industries, improving results for long term growth and sustainability,
    • Controlling expenses increasing profit
    • Avoiding penalties/adverse action
    • Investor invited financial system develop
    • Awareness in advance, of probability of default & bankruptcy of a/c