Financial Monitoring

When the regular accounting system does not flash the growth or sustainable performance of the company; the financial monitoring tools provides the solution to the company.

Mistry And Mehta is time to time analysis of financial data of company and understand nature of company business, there operating cycle, operating costs, level of profitability, mismatch in production capacities, promoters and investor investment justification, level of current assets & current liabilities as per industries trends, suitability and sufficiency of present credit facilities enjoyed, appropriateness of product pricing structure and generate the report with above contents.

Mistry And Mehta – We help company to rich a new and perfect direction, advice on mitigation of risk in business, advise on  secure the business, advise on secure the investment, advise on good return in business, advise for system on auto mode and control with single key.


Know your Business

We understand your business operation cycle, product strength, banking & accounting system, weakness and risk in business.

Data Analysis

Well structure ledger data and generate standard financial statement of company. This will support for monitoring the account.

Key Financial

Generate the various key major ratios on Profitability, Liquidity, Capital Structure, Activity, Leverage and cash flow analyses ratio.

Cost breakup

100% accurate desire your fixed and variable cost for breakeven analysis, desire sales price, and different stage cost breakup will help company for increasing the business margin.


Our tools provide excellent control report on your financial data, mismatch of financial, cash flow control, various operating cost controls, loan control and know your accounting system.


The first time bankruptcy testing by nine various different tools, 100% know your company bankruptcy status and take action in advance for securing your investment in business.

100% result of monitoring

Systematic Accounting

We  develop your company perfect, clear and company customized financial accounting systems.

Critical Analysis

Critical analysis of financial, will improving profitability, increase external credit rating and prevent in advance of default any to know your financial strength better way.

Secure Investment

Our various testing for bankruptcy analysis tools result will secure your investment in business.


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