Long Term Loan

The long term loan facilities managed by way of standalone banking finance, multiple consortium banking finance or mix of institutional lender finance.

Mistry and Mehta client customize appraisal of project ensures obtaining of loan at reasonable terms. The long term loan can be arranged in rupee, foreign currency, ECB or buyer’s credit facilities.

We undertake the project for engineering industries, polymer industries, textile industries, packaging industries, chemical industries, Pharma industries, IT industries, electronic industries, metal industries, educational institutions, Industrial Park, Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), Non renewable energy projects, Road & bridge projects, Star category Hotel, resorts, multi specialty hospital projects, Real estate project.

Project Finance

Greenfield Project, Brownfield Project and for Expansion purpose, For purchase or acquisition of fixed assets and movable assets the rupee term loan to be arranged for manufacturing industries, service industries, and processing industries. MM customized solution will result no cost overrun, timely complete the assignment and ensure of promoter investment.

Infra structure projects

The most of infrastructure unit facing cash crunch problem in the company, the current assets fund is block in deposit, tendering, security, earnest money, collection, non inspection of assets and delay of project. Their general issued is shortage of BG and working capital fund because of collateral and un-organized financial systems. Mistry and Mehta have excellent experience for how to resolve such problem and smooth the cash crunch issue.  

Corporate loan

Corporate loan is managed for companies having healthy financials, Fund to be arranged for meeting the short fall in expansion of project, plant up-gradation, modernization, research and development purpose, repayment of high cost loan and other eligible purposes. The corporate term loan is based on company’s cash flow & financial strengths.

We Undertake The Project For

Real estate project

Multi specialty hospital projects


Star category Hotel

Road & bridge projects

Non renewable energy projects

Engineering Industries