Non Fund Facilities

The non fund loan facilities managed by way of standalone banking finance, multiple consortium banking finance or mix of institutional lender finance.

The no of company are dealing their regular procurement of raw material and selling of goods business through LC instruments because of transaction security, some of companies are not aware with the portfolio function and their applicable charges; they are paying LC charges on hire side.

MM have an expertise in structuring, negotiating and arranging of Non Fund Based facilities, based on client company’s transaction credentials. We leverage our network of affiliate institutions for obtaining competitive rates; right structuring of this facility will save the funding cost substantially.

Letter Of Credit (LC)

Letters of Credit for both domestic and import for procurement of raw material goods and/or fixed assets. The facilities are scheduled on regular rollover basis for raw material procurement and for capital instrument scheduled for one time. The time frame of LC facilities are the major factor in the transaction, else the cash crunch in the business arias.

Bank Guarantee (BG)

Various types of Bank Guarantees to meet performance and financial obligations like advance payment guarantee, performance guarantee, payment differed guarantee. MM will refer the transaction documents terms thoroughly and arrange the BG for smooth of transaction.

We Undertake The Project For

Real estate project

Multi specialty hospital projects


Star category Hotel

Road & bridge projects

Non renewable energy projects

Engineering Industries

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