Short Term Facilities

The short term facilities managed by way of standalone banking finance, multiple consortiums banking finance or mix of institutional lender finance.

We arrange adequate funding by thoroughly analyzing the plant production capacity, day to day operational cycle, material purchase & sales credit policies, inventory holding cycle and industry trends. As a resulting the company does not face any cash crunch / short fall and achieve the maximum level of production by utilizing the 100 % plant efficiency. The loan can be structured in rupee loan, foreign currency loan, or supplier’s credit.

Trade Finance

Trade finance refers to financing national and international trading transactions, the funds raise for capital expenditure as well as working capital requirements in form of fund based as well as non fund based credit. We structure trade finance deals, specifically suited to the requirements of the clients.

Our structured trade finance solution includes various corporate short terms funds like, Cash credit, Pre-shipment / post-shipment finance, LC discounting, Buyer’s / Supplier’s credit and Letter of credit. With our experience, knowledge, and strong relationships, we are able to provide tailored advisory services to company.

Working Capital

Cash Credit limit, Packing Credit facility will assist the company in optimizing the production cycle and meeting everyday fund needs for domestic and international business.

WCDL – When genuine current assets block in business as sundry debtors overdue and excess inventory, which are beyond normal trade cycle for WC drawing power. In suck kind of situation in business the facility is arrange under WCDL portfolio which will resolve the crash crunch in company.

Bill Discounting – The fund is arranged by way of discounting the invoice for companies which do business with corporate, government client and non corporate good rated clients.

CP Finance

CP finance facility is available to A+ credit rated company. CP is a short-term funding instrument, issued in the form of promissory note. CP is a low-cost alternative to bank loans. MM arranged finance at attractive terms. The interest rates on CP can be significantly lower than traditional forms of working capital borrowings. The fund can be mange from various private institutes.