Our Approach

The right approach is necessary for the right outcome. We are passionate problem solvers with significant operating, transaction and direct lenders approach experience firm; Mistry and Mehta approaches every client’s business for serve better, we believe that we should be more than advisers for our client company.We know that in order to maximize the potential of success for your company we need to shape our expert advice in a way that applies to your way of doing business.

Debt Fund and Equity Fund

Our financial expert team will analysis your pass financial data and their trends, understand your project business operating cycle, identify the suitable lenders having similar industries exposure clientele base. Vetting your proposal lender view of point and approach appropriate DEBT OR EQUITY lenders for obtained the fund raising letter for your assignment.

Advisory Services

Our advisory team will in-depth study your proposal related to services and discuss the assignment with company, draw down the industries customized best strategies for applying services and rich to growth of company. Our value added services for credit rating, business report and financial monitoring will 100% provided benefits to company.

Manufacturing Unit

For any product manufacturing company, MM team approach concept is understand your past financial performance and scope or increase the profitability, apply to utilized the plant at maximum level, know your company bankruptcy level, identify the alternate funding option, support to company to rich at high investment level grade.

Infrastructure Company

MM expert infra project team approach concept is to understand with past financial. Identify the mismatching of cash flow with business tender model, scope for increasing the profitability, shortage of bank facilities. We arrange fund for smooth of assignment, customized the financial model, resulting continues company growth with substantial profit.

Traders/ Exporters/ FMCG Company

MM expert trade finance team approach is providing alternate funding option solution for various trade business product available at nationally and globally lenders, update with how to reduce the funding cost in transaction, how to secure the trade business resulting business rich on healthy level.

Real Estate Company

MM expert real estate team approach concept is to understand the project strength, past performance of company, update with project cash flow and introduce lender for complete the project in time frame, resulting securing the company credential at investor view of point.

Service Company

MM approach for service provider company to customize their operating system, understanding their cost factor and providing solution for funding, accounting system and guidance for systematic business for growth; resulting the company strength will rich on high level.

Non listed Company Loan

We have two very unique portfolio for non stock listed company: A – unsecured finance up to 40 Cr. collateral free B – Secured finance again second charge on free asset offered as collateral for existing loan. The fund can be utilized for business growth short term as well as long term.

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