Debt Fund

Debt Fund

We provide debt fund syndication services to SMEs, mid-corporate and large corporate companies located India. We have strong relationships with financial institutions, schedule/private/foreign banks and NBFCs, mutual funds, and other private family company India and abroad. We Mistry And Mehta will provide you best option in Debt Syndication fund like Bank Loan | SME Loan | Business Loan | Soft Loan | Project Loan | Trade Finance | Export Finance | FDI Fund | Start up Loan | NBFC Loan | Corporate Loan | Bill Discounting etc.; The following are the principal of debt fund:

Lender Vetting

  • Good client’s credit & strength
  • Reasonable product demand
  • Within banking norms security coverage
  • Investment grade rating for lending

Funding Option

  • Standalone Banking Finance
  • Multiple Consortium Bank Finance
  • Mixed of Institutional Lender Finance
  • Private Institute Finance

Range of Debt Syndication

SME Loan

Trade Finance

Corporate Loan

Equipment Loan

Business Loan

Debt Syndication

Export Finance

LC/BG Facility

Project Loan

Structured Finance

Bill Discounting

Promotor Funding

What we do for Debt Finance?

  • In-depth study of proposal & Prepare business report
  • With In-principal the approval proposal process with lenders 
  • We suggest the alternate funding option for your business 
  • Maximum Plant Capacity utilize & business operation cycle the facility arrange

Benefits to Customer

  • Introduce the lender having similar industries lending exposure
  • Process the proposal with sanction authority will save process time 
  • Funding under project finance, with reasonable lending terms
  • Timely complete the assignment, No cost overrun, No Short Finance

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About our expertise

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