JV Fund

JV Fund

Mistry and Mehta offer JV fund and Joint Venture Consultancy services to the Indian and foreign companies who wish to penetrate global markets. We assist our clients in joint venture partner search by effectively evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. We carry out the business valuation of the company to understand and establish synergy between the JV Company.



The ideal partner in a joint venture is one that has resources, skills and assets that complement your own. The joint venture has to work contractually, but there should also be a good fit between the cultures of the two organizations. Bringing a partner is a complex and cumbersome process. We literally put ourselves in the clients’ shoes to comprehend the objectives and important risk areas of the JV partner and help you in acquiring the right partner for success of the Joint venture. This is done by undertaking a due diligence exercise.


It is also very important to have an Exit Clause in case of the venture not working out. We suggest various ways to do this like stake sale, buyouts and acquisitions. We guide you to create some predefined metrics, which if not met can then be used to exit the venture without breaking a sweat.

About our expertise

To know more about our expertise on services for how we can help you call on 63593 00022 or email on inquiry@mistrymehta.com

Why JV Funding With Us


We thoroughly analyzing your business, your strategic objectives and future plans. We guide you on viable structures and various funding options. We help you set up the model to create value for the parties by helping you to anticipate and address problems proactively, rather than react.


We develop the company customized valuation, we have mastery for these valued documents, our report strength on company existing and proposed performance. With the right and perfect valuation will provided no of benefits in the transaction, its justify the stake offer to company, return offer to company and long term relation built-up.


Our documentation contents make a strong relation with both companies; our contents are always neutrals to the transaction, our legal advisory team draft the terms on globally excepted base which helps in smooth of movements of the deal process in timely completion of assignment.

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