Debt Fund

Debt Fund

We provide debt fund syndication services to SMEs, mid-corporate and large corporate companies located India. We have strong relationships with financial institutions, schedule/private/foreign banks and NBFCs, mutual funds, and other private family company India and abroad. We Mistry And Mehta will provide you best option in Debt Syndication fund like Bank Loan | SME Loan | Business Loan | Soft Loan | Project Loan | Trade Finance | Export Finance | FDI Fund | Start up Loan | NBFC Loan | Corporate Loan | Bill Discounting etc.; The following are the principal of debt fund:

Lender Vetting

  • Good client’s credit & strength
  • Reasonable product demand
  • Within banking norms security coverage
  • Investment grade rating for lending

Funding Option

  • Standalone Banking Finance
  • Multiple Consortium Bank Finance
  • Mixed of Institutional Lender Finance
  • Private Institute Finance

Range of Debt Syndication

Project Finance
Structured Finance
Acquisition Finance
Fixed Assets Loan
Working Capital
Equipment Loan
Promoter Funding
Trade Finance
Discount Finance

What we do for Debt Finance?

  • In-depth study of proposal & Prepare business report
  • With In-principal the approval proposal process with lenders 
  • We suggest the alternate funding option for your business 
  • Maximum Plant Capacity utilize & business operation cycle the facility arrange

Benefits to Customer

  • Introduce the lender having similar industries lending exposure
  • Process the proposal with sanction authority will save process time 
  • Funding under project finance, with reasonable lending terms
  • Timely complete the assignment, No cost overrun, No Short Finance

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About our expertise

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