Debt Syndication

Our Debt Syndication Performance

W-Debt Fund

Our Performance

The Company promoters have successfully raised fund under the Debt fund syndication more than 1,500 companies, the debt finance fund raised from public sector bank, Private sector Bank, Foreign Bank, NBFC or Financial Institute as long terms or short terms loan.

Funding Option

The Loan facilities of debt finance were managed by way of standalone, multiple or consortium bank finance from Indian or foreign bank, our company customize appraisal report have ensured for raising debt finance at reasonable terms.

Sector we serve.

With our well qualified professional team we are undertaking the consulting of the project, the company located anywhere in INDIA and are in Manufacturer, Traders and Service Provider and sector like engineering, polymer, textile, packaging, chemical, Pharma, computer, IT, electronic, metal, educational, Industrial Park, infrastructure, R & D project, ETP, Power, Road & bridge projects, Hotel, resorts, multi-specialty hospital, Real estate commercial or resident project.

What Is Our result for SME Loan

More than 300 company we have fund syndication under SME loan as long term or short term loan, with followings options.

Business Assets Acquisition – Funding for purchase of Land, Building, Furniture, Computer, Printer & communication facilities purchase. 

Process Equipment Acquisition – Funding for purchase of plant machinery, R & D Equipment, plant automation & Plant utilities facilities etc.

Pre-Sales Working Capital – Funding for Purchase order discount, material purchase, again WIP, finished goods and book debts/receivables in the form of Cash Credit or overdraft for domestic or international transaction.

Post Sales Working Capital – Funding again Bills drawn on your customers, again Inland or Foreign Bills Purchase / Bill Discount Limits for domestic or international transaction.

What Is our result for Business Loan

More than 450 company we have fund syndication under business loan with following category.

Start-Up Funding

We are raising the fund in setting up start-up project, the fund can be as Equity, venture capital, debt equity in long term or short-term period, the fund can be utilised for acquisition of plant or process equipment, procurement of raw material, Development of Product, Operational expenses & Brand Development

Promoter Loan

This category of loan can be used in company, when company operating cash flows are healthy, we are raising the fund as promoter Loan, such fund can be used by the company for special purpose like Shortage of Working Capital, Miss-match of cash flow, Share capital margin and Acquisition of other company.

Corporate Fund

When exiting facilities are not support for raising the funds, we are raising the fund as corporate FUND to the company, the fund can be used for the purpose of Cost overruns shortfalls in project, Repayment of high debt loan, Research & Development of product and Opportunity Business order serve.

What Is our result for Project Loan

More than 750 company we have fund syndication under project loan with followings category.

Project Funding

We are raising the fund under the Project Funding category again mortgage of project assets, for following objects: For Setting-up Green Field Project for manufacturing plant facilities, Expansion of Existing Plant Facilities, for modernisation of plant, increasing the plant production capacity, Product R & D Facility Development and Take over or acquisition of other company project etc. 

Structured Finance

We are providing the structured finance solution to the company for the following objects: Syndicate Various existing Loan with new lender at reasonable terms, based on your business operation cycle & utilised maximum plant capacity, we introduce debt or equity based fund for growth of business and offering alternate funding option for raising fund, like bond instrument, JV funding or short terms debt loan etc.

Debt Syndication

We are providing the Debt Syndication solution from many lenders if project is: when a loan size is too large for one bank, multiple bank syndication solution work, When business risk falls outside the risk tolerance of a bank, debt syndication work, When new technology project finance by bank, syndication of bank fund will support for setting-up project and When Risk involve in the project is higher.

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